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We're dedicated to helping local clinics, practices, and hospitals give their patients the best possible care—because they're our patients, too.

Why CellNetix?

Dedicated. Local. Independent. We are proud to be based in the Pacific Northwest and serve the communities here. Our commitment to your practice is a higher standard of care. Our Expertise, Your Peace of Mind.™

Reliable Logistics

From pick up through reporting, our systems keep track of all specimens.

Report Quality

CellNetix reports are accurate, decisive and definitive, and are characterized by having a subspecialized focus.

Rapid Turnaround Time

CellNetix operates 24 hours a day, meaning your tests are being performed all day long.

Pathologist-to-Pathologist Consults

One-on-one communication between you and our pathologists is the foundation of compassionate care.

Subspecialty Case Allocation

We believe subspecialization in anatomic pathology will reduce healthcare costs and save lives.

Advanced IT Capabilities

Our platform ensures the highest level of security, scalability, reliability and compliance for your practice.

More Subspecialties. Better Testing

Our Services
We have been using Cellnetix Laboratory for tissue processing for a few years and we are very pleased with their 24 to 48-hour turnaround time for delivery of prepared histology slides to our suite, reliably by 9am every day. They are efficient, responsible, responsive to questions and professional. They are dedicated to providing excellent slide quality and will work with you to ensure quality. It is also an added bonus to be able to easily order special stains and immunohistochemical studies, while working up more challenging cases. As a dermatopathologist, I appreciate the opportunity to send soft tissue tumors and lymphoma cases to Cellnetix pathologists for a second opinion." Alison Young, MD
Over my many years of experience with CellNetix, I have truly appreciated the availability of the pathologists for case consultation and the expertise they provide. I can always rely on their convenience and quick response, consistency of reporting, ease of use and seamless service. CellNetix has always been a great group to work with." Dustan Osborn, MD

90% of surgical cases are diagnosed and reported within 48 hours.

IT Systems and LabDOX

CellNetix is a national leader in pathology IT innovation. Our goal is to continuously improve and innovate, which benefits our patients and the healthcare system.

Paperless Workflow Specimen Tracking System

Barcode driven specimen tracking from client's office to report delivery.

Automated Case Allocation

We are committed to having board-certified or fellowship trained pathologists assigned to cases where appropriate.

Integrated Quality Assurance

CellNetix designed an integrated, “stage-specific” workflow system to track and measure non-conformities.

Client Web Portal

LabDOX™ is our proprietary web portal system designed to create efficiencies for our outreach clients.

Digital Pathology

Removing geographic barriers to subspecialty care wherever possible.

Electronic Medical Record Compatibility

Advanced IT capabilities allow us to connect with most EMR Interfaces .

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