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We want your care experience to be outstanding. We will take care of you and your concerns by offering in-depth testing, accurate results and innovative practices. Learn more about our pathology testing, service offerings and billing support.

What is Pathology?

Anatomic pathology is the branch of medicine in which we study how diseases affect the organs and tissues of the body. Our goal is to identify abnormalities that can help diagnose disease to help your physician manage treatment. Anatomic pathology is also used to help identify and manage cancers, diseases, disorders and infections.

What Does a Pathologist Do?

Pathologists help care for patients every day by providing their doctors with the information needed to ensure appropriate patient care. They are valuable resources for other physicians 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Ask a Pathologist

Ask a Pathologist is a free, anonymous question-and-answer service provided by CellNetix Pathology & Laboratories to answer generic questions about cancer and other illnesses.

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Did You Receive a Bill You Don’t Understand?

Medical billing is a complex system even for those who deal with it every day. There are many different insurance carriers, each with its own contract and terms of coverage. At CellNetix, it is our policy to work with our customers to reach swift and compassionate resolution of financial questions.

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About one year ago, I got a very good pathology slide, and it was sent to your office for examination. Due to your skill and ability, my diagnosis was made. The follow-up was a needle biopsy and then surgical removal. We followed up with 34 radiation treatments. My physician said they never find cancer in the nipple discharge tests that are done in her office. Thank you for your diagnosis and educated skill that found my "suspicious cells." All cancer diagnoses are scary, but I am confident I am well and healthy." CellNetix Patient (Olympia)
When I came to Providence Centralia Hospital to have my bone marrow biopsy, it was performed by CellNetix Pathology. It was unexpectedly easy and relatively painless. I've had this procedure several times, and this one was the best." CellNetix Patient (Centralia)


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