Flow Cytometry Panel


Generic Flow Panel

  • Tech Only CPT
  • Tech Pro CPT 88184, 88185
  • PowerPath Code
  • Schedule Monday to Friday (Weekends by arrangement for clinically urgent Flow diagnostics)
  • Turn Around Time 1 Day
  • Disease State Leukemia, Lymphoma
  • Methodology Flow Cytometry

Specimen Requirements

Container Type: Bone Marrow or Peripheral Blood in Heparin or EDTA. Tissue in RPMI or Sterile container with saline solution. Body Fluids in RPMI or Sterile container.

Preferred Volume: Bone Marrow or Peripheral Blood: 1.0 - 5.0ml.
Tissue: 1cm (greatest dimension) in 2ml of RPMIBody Fluids: 1.0-5.0ml

Diagnostic Utility

Pathologist will review clinical information and all pathologic material available (bone marrow, peripheral blood,fluid and/ortissue)and will orderappropriate flow studies as medically necessary.

Required Patient Info

1. Referring pathologist'sclinical consideration/differential diagnosis, the patient’s name, DOB, DOC and recent treatments.
2. CBC report for Peripheral Blood.

Storage and Transportation

Bone Marrow and Peripheral Blood: 48-72hrs transport at room temperature.
Tissue and Body Fluids: 24hrs. Transport refrigerated.

Cause for Rejection

Specimens without 2 (two) patient identifiers. Incorrect anticoagulant or lack of anticoagulant, frozen or incorrectly stored specimens (i.e. excessive heat or cold), severely hemolyzed specimens (minimal hemolysis will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis), broken or leaking tubes, specimens received with needles affixed, submitted in fixative - no fixative is acceptable!, specimen age: >72 hours for peripheral blood and >5 days for bone marrow *see note below, clotted specimens (small clots are acceptable-others evaluated on a case-by-case basis), contamination (bacterial, fungal, drug interaction, chylous, etc.), incorrectly labeled specimens or insufficient transport media for tissues and FNA’s.

*Note: Peripheral blood specimens >72-hours old are reported on a case-by-case basis and must be approved by the pathologist reviewing the case. Bone marrow specimens >5-days old are reported on a case-by-base basis and must be approved by the pathologist reviewing the case.


1 week