Chromosome Analysis on POC or Placenta


Cytogenetics, chromosomal karyotyping

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  • PowerPath Code LA1007
  • Methodology Cytogenetics


Fetal tissue, Placenta biopsy, Products of Conception

Specimen Requirements

CellNetix does not perform chromosome analysis testing in-house. If the clinician is unable to collect a sample for cytogenetics prior to submitting the specimen to CellNetix for routine histology, CellNetix staff can collect viable tissue for cytogenetics and route the sample to the appropriate reference laboratory.

Chromosome analysis can be performed on fresh placental tissue, chorionic villi or fetal tissue. CellNetix grossing staff can split 30 mg of chorionic villi or 4x4x4 cm of fetal tissue into a sterile container or transport medium provided by cytogenetics laboratory and forward to Labcorp for processing.

Storage and Transportation

• Fresh samples should be promptly sent to the lab.
• Refrigerate fresh specimens if delivery is delayed.

Cause for Rejection

Chromosome analysis cannot be performed on tissue received in formalin.