CK OSCAR, Keratins (OSCAR)


Cytokeratins (OSCAR) OSCAR

  • Tech Only CPT
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  • PowerPath Code
  • Schedule Monday - Friday
  • Turn Around Time Within 1-2 business days of receipt
  • Disease State Carcinomas of Unknown Primary, Germ Cell Tumors, Large Cell Undifferentiated Malignant Neoplams, Mesothelioma vs. Adenocarcinoma, Spindle Cell Tumors / Sarcoma Subtyping
  • Methodology IHC

Specimen Requirements

Formalin-fixed, paraffin embedded tissue block or cell block, or 1 unstained charged slide for each test requested plus 3-4 additional unstained slides cut at 4 microns. Adequate space on each slide for control tissue is required.

Diagnostic Utility

Identifies many members of the cytokeratin group of cytoskeletal proteins. Very similar pattern of reactivity compared with the AE1/AE3 antibody cocktail. However, as a single monoclonal antibody, it has advantages over the AE1/AE3 antibody cocktail. It can thus be employed to identify carcinomas in the context of undifferentiated malignancies. Cytokeratin expression can identify carcinomas in the context of undifferentiated malignancies, although cytokeratins (generally at lower levels) can be expressed in a restricted subset of non-epithelial tumors (e.g., melanoma, smooth muscle tumors, etc.).Subcellular Localization: Cytoplasmic