Anal Pap, ThinPrep Liquid Pap Test


Rectal Pap

  • Tech Only CPT 88112
  • Tech Pro CPT 88112 (2)
  • PowerPath Code GYNANAL TP
  • Schedule Monday - Friday
  • Turn Around Time Within 3 business days of receipt
  • Disease State Condyloma
  • Methodology Liquid-Based Cell Enhanced Concentrated Cytology


Anus, Rectum

Specimen Requirements

ThinPrep vial without collection device (approx. 20mL), containing exfoliated cells from the anal canal.

Collection instructions:
1. Place requisition label on the vial with patient name and date of birth.
2. Collect specimen by inserting a moistened cytobrush or Dacron & trade; swab beyond the pectinate line (5 to 6 cm above the anal verge). Rotate cytobrush/swab continuously as it is withdrawn.
3. Rinse cytobrush or swab in vial.
4. Close vial securely to prevent leakage. The target of sampling includes the entire anal canal, the keratinized and non-keratinized portions, and the dentate line (anal transformation zone).

Clinical Significance

The Anal Pap Test is a screening test used in the detection of anal/rectal cancer and pre-cancerous lesions

Required Patient Info

2 patient identifiers

Storage and Transportation

15°C - 30°C

Cause for Rejection

Improper collection medium (i.e., not in a ThinPrep vial), lack of patient identifiers


Vial: 4 weeks from processing
Slide: 5 years


HPV may be run out of ThinPrep vial concurrently with Pap. Vial eligible for molecular testing for up to 6 weeks from collection.