Universal Screening

 Up to 30% of women will return with recurring symptoms due to an inaccurate initial diagnosis (Ref 1). This, coupled with many women attempting to self-diagnose and use an over-the-counter treatment plan only to have recurring symptoms, stresses the need for an accurate test the first time.

CellSwab is a single swab test for Vaginitis, Candida and Trichomoniasis to help provide your patient with a plan for a successful treatment path.

The most common causes of vaginitis are:

CellSwab tests for imbalances and presence of microorganisms through Semi-Quantitative detection of Gardnerella Vaginalis and broad range Lactobacillus.

Trichomoniasis (TV)

It is the most prevalent non-viral STD with approximately 3.7 million cases in the US. (Ref.2)

The CDC recommends TV detection with NAAT testing. NAAT is highly sensitive, and detects 3 to 5 times more infections than wet mount (a method with ~50% sensitivity). (Ref.3)

CellSwab CT/NG

Obtain an accurate diagnosis for chlamydia or gonorrhea for your patient with one collection.
Provide your patient with the proper treatment options for them and their sexual partner.

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