Dr. Perez-Reyes’s research presented at 3rd World Congress

CellNetix pathologist, Dr. Nuria Perez-Reyes, and cytology supervisor, Stephanie Hamilton, authored an abstract, which was presented as an oral presentation by Swedish Medical Center surgery resident, Dr. Oliver Bellevue, at the 3rd World Congress on Thyroid Cancer in Boston in July 2017. The research study concluded that fine needle aspirations obtained by surgeons which undergo on-site review are associated with a lower rate of nondiagnostic results.

Dr. Oliver Bellevue was also 2nd place winner of the Henry Harkins Resident Award at the combined Washington State/Oregon Chapters of the American College of Surgeons 12th Annual Meeting, Campbell’s Resort, Washington 2017. Dr. Oliver Bellevue, is a General Surgery Resident at Swedish Medical Center in Seattle, WA.


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