• Tech Only CPT 87480, 87510, 87660
  • Tech Pro CPT
  • PowerPath Code
  • Schedule Monday to Saturday
  • Turn Around Time 1-2 days
  • Disease State Vaginitis
  • Methodology Nucleic Acid Hybridization

Specimen Requirements

It is approved for use if processed within 1 hour at room temperature, 4 hrs refrigerated or up to 72 hours at room temperature if collected using the Ambient Temperature Transport System.

Diagnostic Utility

The FDA-approved Affirm VPIII test is intended for use in the detection and identification of Candida species, Gardnerella vaginalis and Trichomonas vaginalis nucleic acid in vaginal fluid specimens from patients with symptoms of vaginitis/vaginosis.

Clinical Significance

Vaginosis/Vaginitis Screen

Storage and Transportation

Ambient temperature (15-30 °C) for up to 72 hoursRefrigerated temperature (2-8 °C) for up to 72 hours

Cause for Rejection

No swab in BD Affirm VPIII Ambient Temperature Transport SystemSwab not from BD Affirm collection kitFrozenSources from other than vaginal siteBD Affirm Transport Reagent not added to swab (swab is dry)Before rejection compress swab against the side of the transport tubeSpecimen exceeding 72 hours after collectionSelf-collected vaginal specimens


72 hours


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