Highly Sensitive SARS CoV-2 TMA Testing to Detect


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The SARS CoV-2 TMA assay is a highly sensitive molecular test that targets and detects the RNA molecule in upper respiratory specimens for the diagnosis of COVID-19 in both symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals. Utilizing Transcription Mediated Amplification technology on the Hologic Panther, this test is approved for use under an Emergency Use Authorization.

Turnaround Time:
Test results available 24-48 hours of receipt in our lab.

Specificity & Sensitivity:

Specimen Collection:
CellNetix accepts the following specimens:

Stability & Storage
Store in Hologic Direct Load Tube (Aptima Purple Tube). Stable at 2° C to 30° C up to 6 days.

Supplies & Transport
Specimen collection kits are available upon request. Specimens should be transported in Direct Load Tube (Aptima Purple Tube) at room temperature. Our Transportation team will arrange courier services to meet your facility’s needs.

Training Resources
Detailed collection procedures are available for clinician-collected or self-collected methods. Our account representatives are available to help guide your staff on proper specimen collection protocols.

Reports will indicate whether the presence of SARS CoV-2 RNA is detected or undetected and will not report a specific variant.

Insurance & Billing
CellNetix bills all major insurance including Medicare and Medicaid directly. See our ICD-10 Reference Guide for accepted codes.

Contact Us
Clients should work with their Account Representative to obtain CellNetix prior authorization before sending specimen to our laboratory.

Please contact Support Services at 1-844-344-4209 for assistance.