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Dr. Kristen Basnet Presents on Four Main Categories of Placental Pathologic Lesions

Dr. Kristen Basnet presented “Pertinent Pearls and Pathways of Placental Pathology” at EvergreenHealth’s Maternal-Fetal Medicine In-Service in Kirkland, WA, on Tuesday, April 9. The audience included physicians and various allied health professionals involved in maternal-infant care.

She provided an overview of placental pathology, utilizing case examples and histologic images to illustrate four main categories of placental pathologic lesions:  1) intraamniotic infection; 2) inflammatory lesions (villitis of unknown etiology, chronic chorioamnionitis, and plasma cell deciduitis); 3) vascular lesions (fetal vascular malperfusion and maternal vascular malperfusion); and 4) fibrin deposition (maternal floor infarct and massive perivillous fibrin deposition).

Placental pathology contributes to understanding the pathophysiology of maternal and neonatal disorders as well as possible etiologies of intrauterine or perinatal death, and can impact the management of future pregnancies.

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