SymGene Focus

Ovarian Cancer NGS Panel

What is the SymGene Focus – Ovarian Cancer Panel?

The ovarian cancer panel is a validated genomic profile that includes 18 genes with compelling clinical and biological evidence as biomarkers to predict drug responses. The genes in our panel are connected with approved drugs in standard care or for off-label drugs in clinical trials.


Who Should Have this Test Run?

Genetic profiling of these genes is useful for assessing prognosis and guiding treatment of individuals with ovarian cancer. SymGene Focus can also be used to help determine clinical trial eligibility for patients with alterations in genes not amenable to current FDA-approved targeted therapies.


Test Details

• Designed for tumor profiling of primary or metastatic ovarian cancer.
• Assesses all coding exons of each gene for substitutions, insertions and deletions of less than 50 bp, and copy number variants (gene amplifications or homozygous loss).
• This test is performed to evaluate for somatic mutations within tumor samples; does not assess for germline alterations within the genes listed.


 What Genes Are Included in the Ovarian Cancer Panel?

AKT1    BRAF    BRCA1    BRCA2    CTNNB1    ERBB2    FOXL2    KRAS    MAP2K1    MLH1    MLH2    MSH6    PIK3CA    PMS2    POLD1    POLE    PTEN    TP53


Order SymGene

Healthcare providers have several options for ordering Sygmene for their patients including LabDOX, fax, and phone. Healthcare providers must first complete a test requisition form to start the process. Turn around times average 2 weeks from the time a specimen is received.


Reading Your Molecular Report